CastleVille Guide: New Gifts from Eva

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Now in CastleVille you can meet a traveling elf whom you can win animals, decorations and more from.

By Brandy Shaul From

Last month, CastleVille players were given the opportunity to earn a slew of free items from a traveling elf named Eva. In her "10 Days of Prizes" event, you were able to win animals, decorations and more for our Kingdoms by asking friends for collectibles and crafting a few items in our games. Now, you're being given another chance at 10 new items through a "New Gifts from Eva" feature that starts with one quest.

CastleVille New Gifts from Eva

Pig Tale

  • Talk to Eva
  • Collect Loads of Straw

This quest actually details the first day of prizes in this new event, as you'll need to ask your friends for four Loads or Straw to win a free Lil' Straw Pig for your Kingdom. You'll also receive 1,000 coins and 20 XP for completing the quest itself. Here's the complete look at the next nine days of prizes!

Day 2: Straw Mailbox

  • Ask friends for 5 Huffs

Day 3: Straw House

  • Craft 3 Hoop-and-Sticks

CastleVille Hoop-and-Sticks

Day 4: Lil' Twig Pig

  • Craft 5 Gravies

CastleVille Gravy

Day 5: Twig Mailbox

  • Ask friends for 6 Loads of Twigs

Day 6: Twig House

  • Craft 6 Mortars

Day 7: Lil' Brick Pig

  • Ask friends for 10 Huffs

Day 8: Brick Mailbox

  • Ask friends for 8 Loads of Bricks

Day 9: Brick House

  • Craft 5 Hourglasses

CastleVille Hourglass

Day 10: Boiling Stew Pot

  • Ask friends for 12 Fake Bears

You'll only have a limited amount to time to collect these 10 items, so you'll need to post and send requests and craft items as often as possible to earn them all within the time allotted. Hopefully, this is just the first of many updates that will see Eva offering us free items in your Kingdoms!



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