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In CastleVille, the fastest way to advance through the game is by doing quests. You'll start with a short series of introductory quests to teach you the fundamentals of gameplay and then move on quickly to more advanced series of quests. This FAQ provides you with the advanced information, specially for those who just started playing this beautiful game on Facebook.


Where To Get Quests?

There are different ways the game lets you receive quests, some even mandatory, to get you accustomed to how CastleVille questing works.

CastleVille Quest Guide

How to get Quests:

  • Mandatory Quests – These type of quests pop-up on their own, asking you to fulfill tasks without any form of interaction with NPC (Non Player Characters).
  • NPC Driven Quests – These types of quests allows you to interact with NPC characters, in order to receive specific quests. This provides you a main focus on which NPC character Quest you want to accomplish first.

Why Do We Need To Finish Quests?

Although in later parts of the game, under your own discretion, you can opt to disregard quests or finish it at your own pace. I still recommend you slowly start to finish a few quests in order to:

  • Progress further in the game, learn new things
  • Get a little story behind the game
  • Earn CastleVille Quest rewards of coins and experience, when completed
  • Possible to get items as a bonus for completing quests

Types Of Quests

There are a couple of types in which you need to perform when Castleville Questing.

A few CastleVille Quests you might bump on:

  • Visiting neighbors and performing specific tasks
  • Farming or ranching for different components
  • Logging or Mining for different components
  • Fishing for components
  • Fighting of beasties
  • Rescuing NPC characters
  • Exploration of gloomy areas
  • Building of structures
  • Decorating
  • Hoarding of coins
  • And many many more

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