CastleVille Quest Guide: Sal's Lost Collection

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Master Sal is sad! Let's do what we can to cheer him up! Together, let's build him a Relic Gallery and try to recover his lost collection. Here with a guide to finishing these eight "Sal's Lost Collection" quests

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Quest 1 of 9 - Make A Fish Smile

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Place the Relic Gallery in your Kingdom.
  • Clear 5 Grass to make room for the construction.

Quest 2 of 9 - Eye For An Eye

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Have 3 Plankton Chips to recreate the scene!
  • Have 2 Bronze Bars for the first artifact.
  • Craft the Eye of Shiloh for Master Salvatore.

Quest 3 of 9 - Infuse This

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Cast the Falling Star Spell 2 times to mine rare materials.
  • Have 5 Erstwhile Infusion Elixirs.
  • Upgrade the Relic Gallery.

Quest 4 of 9 - Of Sandwiches And Ingredients

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Have 1 Glass Blower in your Kingdom.
  • Collect 10 Red Feathers.
  • Craft 1 Piece of Stained Glass.

Quest 5 of 9 - An Orb A Day

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Craft 5 Gold Bricks for the base of the Orb.
  • Craft the Orb of Brey - Master Sal's Maage Academy legacy!

Quest 6 of 9 - Like A Rolling Stone

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Visit 5 Houses in your Kingdom to search for the missing Orb.
  • Have 7 Magnifying Glasses.
  • Craft 4 Tree Trimmers to check amongst the foliage.

Quest 7 of 9 - The Fires That Burn

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Craft 1 Engraving Tools to engrave protective glyphs on the walls.
  • Craft 2 Aquamagia to guard against Gloom Flames.
  • Upgrade the Relic Gallery to make it fire-proof.

Quest 8 of 9 - One Ring To Rule Them All

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Craft the oh-so-precious Luin Ring for Master Salvatore.
  • Craft 1 can of Pewter Polish to shine up that ring.
  • Craft 1 bits of the softest leather to use as polish rags.

Quest 9 of 9 - Swim Time

CastleVille Sal's Lost Collection Quest

  • Craft 1 Dipping Pool for theRelic Gallery.
  • Upgrade the gallery to include the pool.
  • Craft 1 Popcorn Balls to reward yourself all the hard work.

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