CastleVille Quest Guide: Save George

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In the CastleVille we can find that George has frozen in the ice, do the Save George to rescue him out from the iceberg!

By admin from CastleVille Cheats & Guides

Think you unveil the whole CastleVille secrets already? It's time to take out your map and compass and go to explore the fun world of CastleVille.

Out of the gloom in CastleVille, as it happens that George the Miner is still lost in the frigid north, and Duke needs your help to find him. This is quite tough one, having 16 goals in total yet tons of reward awaits.

It's quite arduous and the guide will bring George back to your kingdom in no time. Take note, you must remember two things. First the quest requires energy, you can only perform the quest with energy reserves. Second, this guide assumes you have already explored the region on the game map that contains a bridge. Unfortunately, you can't follow this guide of you haven't done so. Here's the excerpt;

CastleVille Quest Save George

1. Ask Around
Visit 3 Neighbors
Collect taxes from 10 Houses
Tend 10 Flowers
If you complete this quest you gain 10 XP and you'll receive 500 coins. For the third one, Dandelions are the cheapest flowers available in the market; you can have for 100 gold.

2. High and Low
Own a Guard Tower
Tend a Guard Tower 2 times
Collect 5 Spyglasses
You need 3,000 coins to acquire a Guard Tower and it will cost you 550 coins per tend , it's pretty hefty but still you need it in order to complete the quest. You can avail it in the market. The five Spyglasses come from News Feed posts that you can push out from within the Quest window. 500 Coins and 10 XP is acquired after completing this task.

3. Prepping for the Cold
Craft 5 Ropes
Collect 5 Wool
Collect 4 Snow Shoes
You must have five flax and a Workshop in order to craft five ropes. To obtain five Wool, you need an adult sheep which costs 1,000 coins in the market. The four Snow Shoes come from posting News Feeds through the quest window. After completing the task, you'll get 1,000 Coins, 20 XP and two Icy Torches.

4. Onward!
Explore the bridge expansion area
Defeat the Gloom Yeti
This task will give you 750 coins and 15 XP once you finished it. Remember what I said earlier about exploring the bridge? Well, if you haven't done such and yet to expand this region, your quest will be slightly different-thus, you need to explore the bridge first.

5. Montage
Box a Practice Dummy 5 times
Chop a Tree 10 times
Collect 10 Eggs
You’ll get the eggs by tending Adult Chickens, cost 250 coins on the Market. For the Practice Dummy, you need to pay up if you've yet to finish the Purple Drink quest. 500 coins and 10 XP will be rewarded after.

6. A Little Love
Tend 10 Animals in neighbors' Kingdoms
Gather 20 Reputation

Note: before doing this task, make sure that you're not at your limit of 100 Reputation; otherwise you will not received credit for the Reputation gathered. Another important thing, these don't mess up either of these tasks, because basically both go hand-in-hand. You'll receive 750 coins and 15 XP after completing it.

7. Crafting for Success
Craft 3 Hammers
Have 5 Dragon Scales
Have 3 Rat Tails
You'll need to have the Blacksmith support building for your Workshop in order for you to craft the Hammers. You'll need a Gloom Rat Potion (also crafted) to summon Gloom Rats, while the Dragon Scales come from News Feed posts. 1,000 Coins, 20 XP and one Fiery Hammer will be gained after completing this quest.
8. Not So Tough
Banish the Gloom Yeti
Explore the area with George in it
This one is quite easy. The Fiery Hammer will automatically be used when attempting to banish this next Gloom Yeti. Gain 750 Coins and 15 XP after pummeling the Yeti.

9. Checking Him Out
Check on George
Collect 8 Wool
Have 6 Wood Logs
You can acquire Wood Logs in your Lumber Mill or by chopping trees directly. Wool can be acquired from tending Adult Sheep. You'll get 500 coins and 10 XP as reward.

10.Dealing With Distractions
Collect 10 Pails of Water
Have 15 Berries
Have 5 Snowy Treat Cones
Berries are found tending to Grass and Mushrooms, while 10 Pails of Water are found while fishing in your kingdom’s pond. News Feed posts will help you obtain the Snowy Treat Cones. 10XP and 500 Coins await as reward.

11. Rumblings
Have 5 Chicken Meat
Harvest 15 Tomatoes
Craft 1 Bowl of Tomato Bisque
Tomatoes cost 150 coins per piece and it takes 8 hours to cultivate it, while the Chicken Meat, you can obtain it from tending Adult Chickens. In order to craft the Bowl of Tomato Bisque, it requires you to have primarily a Kitchen, and takes 20 Tomatoes, 10 Milk Bottles and three Sticks of Butter. Gain 10 XP and 500 coins after completing the task.

12. Break The Ice
Click on George 5 times
Cook 3 Hard Boiled Eggs
Have 5 Rolling Pins
This task will give you 500 coins and 10XP after completing it. Hard Boiled Eggs also require the Kitchen, and for the 10 Eggs, you can obtain it from tending Chickens. Well, the Pails of Water can be found while fishing as I told you earlier. The five Rolling Pins will require you to publish more News Feeds.

13. The Second Date
Have 5 Ice Chunks
Craft an Ice Pick
Use the Ice Pick to break through the ice on George's Miner's Pick
Think you need a Blacksmith to craft the Ice Pick; it is crafted in the Workshop. Ice Chunks come most commonly from banishing Gloom Yetis. You’ll earn 500 coins and 10XP once you break out George's Miner's Pick.

14. Third Base
Hit George's icy prison 10 times
Have 5 Books
We're almost there. Now, to find the five Books, you will have to publish even more News Feeds through the quest window. 10 XP and 500 coins will be rewarded when you're done.

15. Escape Out the Back
Banish the Gloom Yeti
This one is self- explanatory, not need to sweat.

16. All Mine!
Have 5 Rope
Build George's Viking Mine
Collect once from the Viking Mine
And now for the last one, you'll need 5 more Flax and a Workshop in order to craft more Rope. Once you obtain this quest, George's Viking mine will become unlocked and it will require some friends to staff it I suppose- I think you need to fill in the staff list already. But if not, still you're hardships will not be put to waste. Not only you obtained hefty rewards but tons of fun as well.

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