CastleVille Guide: Special Houses and Buildings Found in Your Neighbors' Kingdoms

Date: Feb 02 2012 09:03:04 Source: CE Gamers
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In CastleVille do you offen see some special houses which you like but you don't know where they are? Check this guide to know detail of thems!

By Kenda From CE Gamers

Have you been visiting your neighbors and seen a house you would like to have but can not find it anywhere...

Some Houses could only be bought for a limited time in the Market in Limited Edition Collections.

Fairy Limited Edition Collection

CastleVille Red Cap CottageCastleVille Pixie DenCastleVille Fairy Hideaway

CastleVille Red Cap CottageRed Cap Cottage: 170 Coin Every 5 mins Cost 30 Crowns

CastleVille Pixie DenPixie Den: 220 Coins every 15 mins Cost 35 Crowns

CastleVille Fairy HideawayFairy Hideaway: 220 Coins every 15 mins Cost 35 Crowns

Harvest Limited Edition Collection

CastleVille Autumn FarmhouseCastleVille Pumpkin Villa

CastleVille Autumn FarmhouseAutumn Farmhouse: 450 Coins every hour Cost 25 Crowns

CastleVille Pumpkin VillaPumpkin Villa: 1100 Coins every 10 hrs Cost 45 Crowns

Ice Limited Edition Collection

CastleVille Frozen CottageCastleVille Frozen Farm House

CastleVille Frozen CottageFrozen Cottage: 1000 Coins every 10 hrs Cost 32 Crowns

CastleVille Frozen Farm HouseFrozen Farm House: 1150 Coins every 10 hrs Cost 35 Crowns

Winter Limited Edition Collection

CastleVille Gingerbread House

CastleVille Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House: 1050 coins every 9 hrs Cost 35 Crowns

Reward for filling Kris Kringle's Gift Bag

CastleVille Gingerbread CabinGingerbread Cabin: 1250 Coin every 10 hrs Cost FREE

Chinese New Year Collection 2012

CastleVille Chinese Pavilion

CastleVille Chinese PavilionChinese Pavilion: 900 Coin every 10 hrs Cost 30 Crowns

Buildings with Quest requirements

CastleVille Beastie LaboratoryBeastie Laboratory: Crafting building, Accessed in When Beasties Attack from the Duke

CastleVille Witch's TowerWitch's Tower : Royal Building, Level 13 required for Icy Witch – The Duke that introduces us to Hazel, the witch. You get access to the Witch's Tower after completion of Hazel's Bachelorette Questline.

CastleVille Royal InnRoyal Inn Royal Building, Accessed through Kathleen the Sheperdess' First Questline Inn And Out.

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