CastleVille Tips: Special Items Found in Your Neighbors' Kingdoms

Date: Jan 31 2012 08:24:00 Source: CE Gamers
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In CastleVille you will always see some special items in your neighbors Castle. But where are they come from? Let us have a look!

By Kenda From CE Gamers

Have you been visiting your neighbors and seen something you would like to have but can not find it anywhere...

Some Items you can only get by completing certain quests and others could only be bought for a limited time in the Market in Limited Edition Collections.

The following are items that are earned by completing quests.

From Rafael:

CastleVille Carved Wooden HorseCarved Wooden Horse: Rafael The Mysterious Stranger Quest reward
CastleVille Carved Wooden OwlCarved Wooden Owl: Rafael Save The Date Quest reward
CastleVille Golden OakGolden Oak: Finish Rafael's Adventure Club Quest: 20 wooden logs every 24 hrs – Time decreases if you surround it with other trees!

From The Duke:

CastleVille Castleberry KegCastleberry Keg: Finish the timed Duke's Castleberry Punch Quest: 1-2 Castleberry punch every 24 hrs which makes ponds ready to fish
CastleVille Alchemist TableAlchemist Table: Duke's Morphing Time Quest
CastleVille CauldronCauldron : Wizard's Keep upgrade and Beastie Lab WMBD Quest reward
CastleVille Bottomless PitBottomless Pit: Finish Duke's Outta Time quest

CastleVille Witchy ScarecrowWitchy Scarecrow: Icy Witch Questline, Gate Crashing Quest Reward

CastleVille Witch Crossing SignWitch Crossing Sign: Icy Witch Questline, Melt With You Quest Reward

From George:

CastleVille Snowtreat StandSnowtreat Stand: Dealing With Distractions quest reward , from the Save George Questline
CastleVille Charred TreeCharred Tree: George All In The Mine quest reward
CastleVille SkippySkippy, the pet rock : A Pet For George, Rock Show Quest

From Hazel:

CastleVille Frozen CowFrozen Cow: Breaking the Ice Quest Reward from Bachelorette Questline, Gives Ice Cream when fed
CastleVille Imperial OpalImperial Opal: Warming Up Quest Reward From Bachelorette Questline

From Quinn

CastleVille Bonsai TreeBonsai Tree: Dress Like An Emperor Quest Reward from the Chinese New Year Questline
CastleVille Dragon Head StatueDragon Head Statue: Eye Delight Quest Reward from the Chinese New Year Questline. The rest of the statue parts were part of the Chinese New Year Limited Edition Collection

From Kathleen

CastleVille Sheep TopiarySheep Topiary: Long Way Home Quest Reward from the Inn and Out Questline

From Izzy

CastleVille MinkerbelleMinkerbelle: Finishing The Diva quest Series, You can not feed him, he does not grow into an adult mink

From Yvette

CastleVille Golden GooseGolden Goose: Finish Yvette's Father's Love Quest : 1-2 Golden eggs every 24 hrs that sell for 500 coins each

From Sylphie Fairy Tales Quest

CastleVille Sylphie's HouseSylphie's House: Gives 2 XP every 24 hrs

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