CastleVille Guide: StoneHenge Building

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CastleVille A Great Dish

In CastleVille, after completing the Stonehenge Quest, you can find the Stonehenge in your inventory. And this guide will tell you how to use it to gain more XP.

From Castleville Game Quests

Stonehenge is a magical construction that can double your XP when it's active. Stonehenge has several construction stages that need to be built. Whenever a stage is complete, you can click on Stonehenge to activate the XP Boost. The amount of XP you earn during the Boost timer is matched and stored in Stonehenge. Once the timer runs out, you can click on Stonehenge to gain your Bonus XP! (Each new stage increases the amount of XP that can be acquired and the time limit on the timer).

Castleville Game Note: Keep in mind that completing the Stonehenge quests is required to continue with construction on its various stages.

Stonehenge is stored under the Buildings section of your Inventory. Click on it to place in your Kingdom.

CaslteVille StoneHenge Building

Once placed, you can click on Stonehenge to complete that construction stage and activate the XP Boost!

CaslteVille StoneHenge Construction

Once activated, the Boost timer will show up on the right side of your screen. Click on the timer to see your progress.

CaslteVille Double XP

Notice there is a current limit of XP that can be gained, this will increase along with the timer with each new construction stage. If you earn the total limit of XP for this stage within the time limit, you'll receive a special prize along with your bonus XP!

CaslteVille StoneHenge Boost Active

Once the Boost timer runs out, you can collect your Bonus XP from Stonehenge by clicking on it!

CaslteVille StoneHenge

XP Heaven!

CaslteVille StoneHenge

That's all there is to it! Continue with the quests and complete all stages to gain more and more XP! Once you have completed all stages of Stonehenge, you will be continually be able to build the final stage to gain double XP whenever you fancy.

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