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Did overfull objects confuse you a lot? The CastleVille has detruded the Storage Cellar for players to store objects.

By Brandy Shaul From

Since the launch of CastleVille, there's been one issue that bothered me personally as a player. That issue was a lack of storage. Don't worry about it, you can now build a Storage Cellar in your kingdom!

CastleVille Storage Cellar

This Storage Cellar can be purchased for 10,000 coins, and from there is built using simple ingredients: 15 Stones and 15 Wood Logs. These are found in ample amounts in both Rocks and Trees, but you might already have enough on hand to finish it off.

CastleVille Special

When you finish this first stage, you'll immediately be given 50 Storage spaces. You can actually store items by clicking on the "Move" tool in the bottom right corner of the game's screen and then clicking on the picture of the Storage Cellar that has been added on the far left side of this pop-out.

CastleVille Move

As you click on items to store, you'll need to confirm that you do indeed wish to store them via small pop-ups, but you can also click on "Don't ask me again" if you're storing multiple items of the same kind. To get items back out, you'll need to go into your Inventory and click on the Storage Cellar icon to see the items that you've stored, where you can either use (pull them back out) or sell them from within the window.

CastleVille Construction

The Storage Cellar can also be upgraded. The first upgrade, for instance, brings your storage capacity to 100 slots, and is earned by collecting 10 Stone Blocks, 10 Wood Planks and three Coats of Arms. The Coats of Arms can be earned by asking friends to send them to you, while you can craft the other two items within Workshops.

CastleVille Upgrade

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