CastleVille Quest Guide: The Amphitheatre

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Lights! Curtains! Gypsies! Help the Duke and Izadora put on a show to remember! Here with a guide to finish these seven "The Amphitheatre" quests in CastleVille.

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

Quest 1 of 7: The Mster and His Disciple

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Place the Amphitheatre Construction Site in your Kingdom.
  • Chop 10 Wood Logs. Anything construction related requires wood.
  • Mine 10 Stones. An amphitheatre is made primarily of stones.

Quest 2 of 7: Door To Door

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Collect 5 Herald Trumpets to help spread the word.
  • Craft 3 Cup Cakes as a "ahem" bribe for the less enthusiatic.
  • Tax 10 Houses and the word door-to-door.

Quest 3 of 7: Moving The Material

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Upgrade the Amphitheatre once.
  • Craft 4 Hammers.
  • Have 5 Bags of Nails.

Quest 4 of 7: Wardrobe (Or The Lack Of)

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Craft 3 Gypsy Scraves for Izadora's dance troupe.
  • Craft 2 spools of Cotton Thread for the dancer's costumes.
  • Tend 4 Flowers.

Quest 5 of 7: Almost There

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Upgrade the Amphitheater once more. Level that stage!
  • Craft 1 Large Banner to place around the Amphitheatre.
  • Have 6 bottles of Polish to polish the Amphitheatre stage.

Quest 6 of 7: In Pours The Crowd

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Upgrade the Amphitheatre Site one last time.
  • Craft 1 Crest Banner to place around the Amphetheatre.
  • Clear 8 Grass from around the Amphitheatre site.

Quest 7 of 7: It's Show Time Already!

CastleVille The Amphitheatre Quest

  • Craft 3 Vanity Boxes in time for the show..
  • Craft 3 Caskes for the audience as they wait for the show to begin.
  • Gather 3 Honey to dribble on the cake.

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