CastleVille Quest Guide: The Unicorn Pen

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Yvette is distressed! She noticed that a couple of unicorns are bruised and scratched up. She stayed up with them one night and discovered that they've been sleepwalking and getting hurt in the woods. Sal suggests that we build the unicorns a pen to keep them safe.  Here with a guide to finish these five "The Unicorn Pen" quests in CastleVille.

CastleVille The Unicorn Pen Quest Guide

Quest 1 of 5: Sleepers

CastleVille The Unicorn Pen Quest Guide

  • Place the Unicorn Pen in your Kingdom.
  • Unicorns need lots of expensive care. Collect 10000 Coins.
  • Buy 3 Fences to keep the Unicorns from straying too far.

Quest 2 of 5: A Healing Touch

CastleVille The Unicorn Pen Quest Guide

  • Have 3 Cold Compress to place on the bruises.
  • Feed 3 Unicorns. They'll get better with proper nutrition!
  • Craft 1 Splint to mend an injured leg.

Quest 3 of 5: One Pen To Hold Them All

  • Have a finished Unicorn Pen in your Kingdom
  • Move 2 Unicorns you raised with your friends into the Pen.
  • Clear 3 grass for hay. They're getting hungry again!

Quest 4 of 5: Let's Get Together

CastleVille The Unicorn Pen Quest Guide

  • Have 3 Leashes to gently lead the Unicorns into the Pen.
  • Have 4 Unicorns you raised with your friends into the Pen.
  • Use theUnicorn Pen 2 Times to feed the Unicorns.

Quest 5 of 5: Three's A Crowd

CastleVille The Unicorn Pen Quest Guide

  • Craft 6 Unicorn Treats to pacify them.
  • Cast the Unicorn's Gift Spell 2 Times to bring you good luck.
  • Spell casting can drain you mentally. Craft 1 Brain Food.

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