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Quinn has found himself a new Maiden, but getting to her might not be as easy as he thought. Help Quinn make his way through Amouria and into Genevieve's heart.This comes via a new quest series - To Woo a Maiden - which contains a whopping 13 quests to complete in all.

Nice Ride

  • Place the Foundation for Quinn's Carriage
  • Finish Building Quinn's Carriage
  • Travel to Amouria
The Carriage can be built by collecting a few building ingredients: one True Love's Kiss, three Red Feathers, six Wood Planks and one Secret of the Heart. While you can earn the Red Feathers and Wood Planks in your own game without friends' help, you can technically ask your friends to send you all four of these items via a combination of individual requests and general items on your news feed. To actually visit Amouria, you'll simply need to click on Genevieve's picture that has been added to your Friends Bar in the bottom of the screen. For completing this first quest, you'll receive 1,000 coins, 20 XP and a Love Diary.

Travel In Style
  • Click on Genevieve's Tower
  • Go Fishing in Amouria
  • Use the Love Energy Distiller
Similar to the Land's End feature that launched in CastleVille a few weeks ago, this "Amouria" feature is a new location that can be interacted with. These tasks, for instance, must be completed within Amouria using the buildings and items that are waiting for you when you arrive. The Love Energy Distiller / Machine will use the Love Diary you received above. You'll receive 1,000 coins and 20 XP for finishing this quest.

Prep and Pep
  • Tend 1 Flower in Amouria
  • Collect from 1 Skeleton in Amouria
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP

Breaking the Ice
  • Have 3 Liquid Courage
  • Craft 3 Ice Picks of Charm
  • Remove 3 Ice Rocks from Amouria
The Liquid Courage items are earned via a general news item posted on your wall. Meanwhile, the Ice Picks need to be crafted back in your home Kingdom using Iron Bars, Ice Chunks and Love Dust. You'll earn 1,500 coins and 30 XP when you complete this quest.

The Friend Zone
  • Chop 4 Trees in Amouria
  • Light 3 Sparks of Interest in Amouria
  • Mine 6 Rocks in Amouria
The Sparks of Interest are small building projects. You'll need to collect building materials to finish them off: two Coal, two Wood Clubs, five Boyfriend Material (found in the Skeletons around Amouria) and eight Beeswax. You'll receive two Sparks of Interest, 1,500 coins and 30 XP when you complete this quest.

Mr. Big Bucks
  • Tend 4 Flowers in Amouria
  • Collect 3 Love Dust
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP

A Crook's Hook
  • Craft 3 Cute Shepherd's Crooks
  • Give Kathleen the Shepherd's Crooks
  • Have 5 Boxes of Chocolate
The Chocolate is earned by asking your friends to send some to you. Meanwhile, each hook can be crafted using Love Dust, Leather, Wood Planks and Pink Bows. You'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP for completing this quest.

Sailor's Delight
  • Have 2 Bubbly Grog
  • Have 1 Knife
  • Give Sonja the Items in Amouria
Rewards: 1,500 coins, 30 XP, Skeleton Soldier

Hazel's Boy Toy
  • Craft 3 Boy Toys
  • Give Hazel the Boy Toys
  • Use the Love Energy Distiller
Rewards: 1,500 coins, 30 XP

Sensible Scents
  • Fish in Amouria 2 Times
  • Tend 5 Flowers in Amouria
  • Collect 3 Love Dust
Rewards: 1,000 coins, 20 XP

Bridge of Trust
  • Mine 3 Times in Amouria
  • Craft 1 Hammer
  • Rebuild the Bridge of Trust
The Bridge of Trust requires five Lockets of Empathy, three Mortar, 10 Stone Blocks and four Love Dust to complete. You can earn the Lockets of Empathy by posting a general news item on your wall for them. Your rewards for finishing this quest are 1,750 coins, 35 XP and the actual Bridge of Trust.

In the Name of Love
  • Craft 4 Ball and Chains
  • Destroy the 4 Adolescent Dreams in Amouria
  • Tend 5 Flowers in Amouria
You'll need a Ball and Chain to destroy each individual Dream in Amouria. You'll earn 1,500 coins and 30 XP for finishing this quest.

Together at Last!
  • Have 8 Keys to the Heart Tower
  • Craft 1 Heart-Shaped Lute
  • Rebuild the Ladder of Love

Heart Shaped Lutes are created using Reputation Hearts, Wood Logs, Secrets of the Heart and Boyfriend Materials. Meanwhile, the Ladder of Love is constructed using Wood Planks, Glue, Love Dust and Hammers. You'll earn 1,750 coins, 35 XP and Genevieve's Tower when you finish this final quest in the series!



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