CastleVille Quest Guide: Unicorns Big Journey (Coming Soon)

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After the recent flurry of mythological creatures such as Dragons and Griffins, it is time now for the Unicorns. Fairy Tales come to Castleville and to stay for a while.

CastleVille Unicorns Big Journey Quest

Note: Since the missions are still UNRELEASED, both the sequence of tasks and the numbers can be slightly different!

Mission 1. Horn an Unicorn

  • Move 1 Item to bring order to your kingdom
  • Tend 1 flower
  • Collect taxes from 2 Houses to prevent everyone from the migration of unicorns
  • Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 xp, Wood Plank

Mission 2. Unicorns Party

  • Have 1 Pavilion
  • Spend 10,000 coins for the Festival of unicorns
  • Organize a Festival of unicorns where everyone is welcome
  • Visit a neighbor and invite them to the feast of unicorns
  • Rewards: 1000 coins, 20 xp

Mission 3. Hit the Road-The Long Journey

  • Craft 4 Wood Clubs
  • Craft 2 Unicorn Tiles to guide Yvette in the Gloom
  • Explore the area where the mystical unicorn disappeared
  • Rewards: 1500 coins, 30 xp, Celebration Topiary

Mission 4. Silence, everyone!

  • Banish 3 Gloom Wolves
  • Restore the beacon of wisdom
  • Remove Amythite from a rock to take it out of the way
  • Rewards: 1500 coins, 30 xp

Mission 5. A Miracle Glue

  • Craft 5 Glues to repair tags
  • Craft 4 bags of nails to consolidate the tags if the glue is not enough
  • Restore the Beacon of Courage
  • Rewards: 1750 coins, 35 xp

Mission 6. On behalf Unicorns

  • Have 7 Thick Books
  • Restore the Beacon of Happiness
  • Restore the Beacon of Creativity
  • Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp, Unicorn Rocking Horse

Mission 7. Recognition

  • Prepare 2 Cupcakes for you stall the stomach during the trip
  • Collect 8 Wool to keep you warm at night
  • Explore the neighboring area to see if you missed any tag
  • Rewards: 1500 coins, 30 xp

Mission 8. The Single Tower

  • Craft 4 Hammers
  • Mine 2 Amythite rocks to reach the Beacon of Generosity
  • Restore the Beacon of Generosity
  • Rewards: 3250 coins, 65 xp

Mission 9. Six Degrees of Markup

  • Craft 2 Fences to protect Unicorns
  • Restore the Beacon of Friendship
  • Have 1 Celebration Peacock to bring joy and good cheer throughout the kingdom
  • Rewards: 4250 coins, 85 xp

Mission 10. The Unicorn Tower

  • Restore the Beacon of Hope
  • Organize another unicorns party to celebrate the great migration of unicorns
  • Have 2 Tomato Bisque, unicorns love it
  • Rewards: 1500 coins, 30 xp



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