CastleVille Guide: How to Use the Storage Cellar

Date: Dec 26 2011 03:09:21 Source: Official Site
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Players asked for storage and storage has finally arrived! Build the Storage Cellar and start hoarding old holiday items in, less profitable buildings or rocks and trees getting in the way. Outlined below are important notes on the storage cellar as well as helpful tips on how to store items.

CastleVille Storage Cellar

Good to know information

- The Storage Cellar is gradually being released to all players.

- Must be a level 8 to be eligible to place the storage cellar.

- Default storage capacity is 50 items once the storage cellar is built.

- The Storage Cellar has 5 tiers with a max limit of 500 items! Each tier requires a specific number of materials, expanding your storage capacity to the max limit will be a challenge. Good luck!

- Purchase the Storage Cellar for 10,000 coins in the Market.

- Max limit is 1 Storage Cellar per kingdom.

- Nobility items in storage count toward total limits. Example, you cannot exceed items limits on your kingdom because you have buildings or nobility decoration items in storage.

- Storing a nobility item in storage will decrease the total castle score until the item is removed from storage and placed back on the kingdom.

Items that cannot be stored

  • Trees or rocks that have already been chopped or mined
  • Animals
  • Crewed buildings
  • Character buildings
  • Building foundations
  • Farm plots
  • Consumables
  • Materials
  • Clothes

How to move items into the Storage Cellar

1. Click the design mode icon on the navigation menu.

CastleVille Design

2. Select the Storage Cellar icon.

CastleVille Icon

3. Select an item and confirm the storage move by clicking Yes.

CastleVille Attention

How to retrieve items from the Storage Cellar

1. Click the inventory icon on the navigation menu.

CastleVille Inventory

2. Select the storage cellar icon to display items in storage cellar.

CastleVille Use

3. Click Use to move items onto your kingdom.

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