CastleVille Quest Guide: Winged Purr-Tectors

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Help Prof. Plume and Raphael Raise 6 Winged Tiger Cubs and help them take wing! you'll be able to partner with friends and feed these Cubs to help them grow, all while completing five quests along the way. Here with a guide to finishing these five "Winged Purr-Tectors" quests.

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A Possible Cat-Astrophe!

  • Place the Winged Cub Basket
  • Start a Baby Winged Tiger in your Kingdom
  • Have 3 Feline Fervor Potions

Trick of Treat-Making

  • Have 1 Medium Champion Winged Tiger
  • Have 1 Medium Custodian Winged Tiger
  • Have 3 Wood Planks

Fortify the Felines

  • Start 3 New Winged Tigers
  • Have 1 Adult Champion Winged Tiger
  • Tend 3 Flowers

Romping Around

  • Have 1 Adult Custodian Winged Tiger
  • Craft 6 Bouncy Balls
  • Clear 6 Grass

A Roaring Success

  • Craft 10 Winged Tiger Treats
  • Craft 5 Fireproof Chew Toys
  • Have 5 Medium Winged Tigers in your Kingdom

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