CastleVille Quest Guide: Woodland Nymphs

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Alastair just made an amazing discovery! He finally found the famed Nymph Hollow! Here with a guide to finish these eight "Woodland Nymphs" quests in CastleVille.

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

Quest 1 of 8: To The Village!

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Explore into the Gloom to find the Nymph's Village.
  • Harvest 5 Grapes to sustain you in the Gloom!

Quest 2 of 8: Somebody Sing A Song!

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Have 3 Nymph Tracks to study their movements.
  • Feed 5 animals to lure out the Nymphs.
  • Cast the Restore Song Spell 3 times to free the Nymphs of the curse of the Gloom.

Quest 3 of 8: Hi Ho, To The Hollow We Go

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Craft 4 Harmony Talismans to restore the Nymph's village.
  • Begin restoring the Nymph Hollow.
  • Tend 2 Flowers in the Kingdom.

Quest 4 of 8: A Touch Of Color

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Continue restoring the Nymph Hollow.
  • Cast the Restore Song Spell 1 time to free another cursed Nymph.
  • Tend 3 Peacocks.

Quest 5 of 8: Real Men Apologize

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Cast the Restore Song Spell 3 times and break the Gloom curse om more Nymphs!
  • Craft 1 Lyre to help Rafael sing his apology to Yveete.
  • Craft 2 Chocolate Covered Strawberries to sweeten his apology.

Quest 6 of 8: The Charmed Life

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Spend 9 Charmstones in the Gremlin Market. Buy Ssomething pretty for the Hollow!
  • Finish the restoration of the Nymph Hollow!
  • Cast the restore Song Spell 1 time to help another Nymph find its voice.

Quest 7 of 8: The Summons

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Repair the Nymph Monolith
  • Summon a Nymph Monolith using the Nymph Monolith.
  • Cast the Rstore Song Spell on more cursed Nymphs. Stop the shrieking!

Quest 8 of 8: At The Queen's Altar

CastleVille Woodland Nymphs Quest

  • Cast the Restore Song Spell 4 times on cursed Nymphs.
  • Craft 8 Harmony Talismans to keep ready if more cursed Nymphs appear.
  • Craft 2 Magic Trinkets as an ofering ti the spirti of the Nymph Queen.

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