CastleVille Quest Guide: Love? Neigh... True Lovel

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Alastair just came back from his trip to the Fairy Realm. Let's help Alastair to show his love to Morgana by building a Horse Stable in your Kingdom!!! Here with a guide to finish these seven "Love? Neigh... True Lovel!" quests in CastleVille.

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

Quest 1 of 7: Say What You Need To Say!

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Place 4 Passion Flowers in your Kingdom. They are Morgana's favorite.
  • Tend 4 Passion Flowers to keep them looking fresh.
  • Place the construction site of the Horse Stable in your Kingdom.

Quest 2 of 7: Walk The Walk

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Clear 2 Grass from your Kingdom to make way for this romantic walk.
  • Have 3 Good Luck Charms for Alastair, he's going to need all the luck he can get.
  • Have 10 Pails of Water to keep all those flowers fresh for Morgana.

Quest 3 of 7: Say It, Already

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Craft 1 Berry Smoothie for Alastair to sip on to calm him down.
  • Craft 1 Equestrian Saddle to stock the Horse Stable.
  • Upgrade the Horse Stable, Alastair needs some courage to speak up.

Quest 4 of 7: Trouble On The Horizon

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Practice on a Practice Dummy 5 times to get in shape to help Alastair.
  • Have 5 Warding Runes to protect Morgana.
  • Craft 1 Amulet of Protection for Moragana to wear. You can never have enough protection.

Quest 5 of 7: Good Little Worker

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Feed 4 Horses, they seem nervous around the Black Knight.
  • Tax Alastair's House once, to make sure all his spell books are safe. Just in case...
  • Upgrade the Horse Stable once, wwe shouldn't forget about this lovely gift for Morgana.

Quest 6 of 7: Powerful Protection

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Clear 6 Dead Trees from your Kingdom, to make space foe this spell.
  • Craft the Powerful Protection Spell right away, there is no time to waste.
  • Cast the Power Protection Spell in the Black Knight and watch him squirm.

Quest 7 of 7: Confessions of A Mage

CastleVille Love? Neigh... True Lovel

  • Have 200,000 coins to be able to complete the construction of the Horse Stable.
  • Craft 3 Grooming Brushes to keep those Horses well-tended.
  • Complete the construtcion of the Horse Stable, Morgana can hardly wait!

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