CastleVille Tips: Carnival Missions

Date: Feb 20 2012 08:01:13 Source: CastleVille Quest Help
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Quinn returns from Brazil and brings with him the SAMAB and the BIG PARADE! Find out first befor future missions in CastleVille!

By Maria Cruz From CastleVille Quest Help

Note: Since the missions are still unpublished, it is not possible to give precise figures - the sequence of tasks can also diverge a bit! Who don't know who will give you these missions and how many quests are with how many missions each.

CastleVille Carnival Missions

Rio Carnival will allow you to earn Double Coins, as shown in the picture below, when collecting house rents. Another big content is the final reward of 100, 000 coins.

CastleVille Carnival Missions Reward

Mission 1

  • Store 10 items to make room for the parade
  • Collect 5 grapes for Quinn

Mission 2

  • Collect X stones
  • Go and show your new outfit to X neighbors

Mission 3

  • Visit the Duke to form an alliance with him
  • Perform 5 actions in the kingdom of the Duke, he particularly appreciates that cares for its kitchens
  • Take care of 5 flowers in your kingdom

Mission 4

  • Collect the taxes of 10 houses in your kingdom to finance your travel
  • Harvest 10 carrot to munch when you go visit your neighbors

Mission 5

  • Craft 3 planks of wood to prepare a feast
  • Collect 10 stones in order to get a party
  • Build a pavilion to begin in the Mood

Mission 6

  • Prepare a feast for you and friends
  • Visit 3 neighbors to see if a party is held in their kingdom

Mission 8

  • Make a gourmet feast in the pavilion
  • Thy kingdom is a mess, get 5 buckets of water to clean
  • Use the Gourmet Festival

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