CastleVille Tips: What Good Neighbors Do When Visiting

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CastleVille A Great Dish

In CastleVille you may always go to your friens' kingdoms. What will you do? Check this guide, you will mean a lot!

By Maria Cruza From Castleville Quests Help

1. Royal Buildings
2. Tasks for Completing Quests
3. Long Crafting Items
4. High Value Housing
5. Accelerate Producing Buildings (Butcher, Bakery, Clock Maker, e.g.)
6. Crops and Animals
7. Water (Pond or Water Basin, e.g.)

1. Royal Buildings

The most important thing for you to do on your visit is click on the royal buildings that you are on staff on. Click them!


  • The royal buildings are the only thing you can click for double reputation points (you will get at least 10 reputation for 10 clicks on royal buildings, but all the rest you will make it on average only 6 reputation for 10 clicks)
  • You will make far more coins than any other action you can perform (animals, trees, rocks and flowers 25 coins, and any royal building is at least 75 coins)

Reputation Points: Watch your reputation points and as they come close to 100, go back home and spend them. The best things to spend them on are:

  • Super-clobbers (4 damage to a beast)
  • Super-chops (a whole tree in one chop)
  • Hyper-crafts (up to 1 hour off a crafting project)
  • Beasties potions (you should also spend some on beast potions but don't carry too many in stock. When looking for rat tails it's best to buy just one potion, banish that rat and then buy another potion.)

Advantage for your neighbor when you click on their royal buildings:

- Their castle level goes up and they will return the favor to you.

CaslteVille Royal Buildings

2. Tasks When Completing Quests

You need to chop trees, instead of chopping 5 times on one tree, chop 5 trees one time each. The same goes for rocks and other things that will be consumed by your clicks. Always be sure to respect the keep off signs (red circle with a slash through it) they are there for a reason!

3. Long Crafting Items

The third most important thing for you to do when visiting is click on workshops and kitchens that have long term projects on the go. Again, this will be returned to you by your neighbour reciprocating when they visit you.

The long term projects are:

  • Workshops: Work benches, Horse shoes, Anvils and Brick ovens
  • Studios: Catapult, Ornate tapestry, Stained glass, Fasteners, Leggings, Tunics, Flags Leather pants, Bedding, Cloth apron and Cogs
  • Kitchen: Carrot cake, Meat sandwich, Chocolate strawberries, Cake, Sausage and Fried fish.


The high value housing are:

  • Izadora's wagon
  • The Great hall
  • Sonja's house
  • Mia's house
  • Manors
  • Chalets

You will get more coins from this than from other actions and your neighbour still gets the coins so you're saving them energy and making coins for yourself by clicking these for them.

5. Other Producing Buildings

The fifth most important is to click to accelerate things like the Jewelry shop, Butcher, Bakery, Clock maker and Tailor or maybe the Beastie laboratory.

6. Crop And Animals

Since there is no way for you to know what your neighbours inventory level is it very well may be that the wheat you're harvesting or eggs you're collecting will go to waste because they will be over the limit. This is especially true in the busier kingdoms. The exceptions to this are any animals that haven't reached adult stage and any withered crops because it costs your neighbour energy to remove them so if you want to be nice, unwither them for them.

7. Water

Don't forget the water, you neead a lot of it so try to fish in every pond.

8. Flowers

All flower sniffers will be shot on sight!! It's absolutely the most useless thing you can do on your vist so unless it's mission related don't do it! People who water crops will only be shot with rock salt at my place because it's not quite as useless as flower sniffing. Anyone who has their cropping area set up correctly is already getting a 50% speed boost anyway and having 5 plots ready for harvest sooner than the rest is not much help at all.

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