CastleVille Tips: Where to Find Honey

Date: Nov 30 2011 09:16:03 Source: CastleVille Info
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By KNIGHT From CastleVille Info

One of the early quests you'll encounter in CastleVille requires you to harvest 6 pieces of honey. It was not clearly stated as to what produces honey which led you in writing a specific guide for this quest. This quest is called Work the Kinks and is brought by our good man Rafael. The quest requires you to harvest 6 honey, 10 stones and then 1 rolling pin which you can ask from your Castleville neighbors. It is quite obvious where to gather 10 stones but you encountered some difficulty in looking for the honey.

CastleVille Tips: Where to Find Honey

You can gather honey in different places but the most common source of honey is the Goblin Tears plant, there's actually one in your kingdom and all you need to do is find and tend it.

CastleVille Tips: Where to Find Honey

The Goblin Tears can also be bought in the marketplace for 100 coins. You can buy and then place it in your kingdom. The cooldown period is actually fast so its not gonna take long before you can harvest 6 honeys.

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