ChefVille Quest Guide: Bello's Samosa Fryer

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Now that the Samosa Fryer has started rolling out to players in ChefVille, any players that have been lucky enough to receive this new appliance have likely also received a new quest series from Ginger, here with a complete guide to finishing them off. This is a timed quest line, which will have 2 releases.

Bello's Samosa Fryer Quest

I Want Samosa

  • Place and build your Samosa Fryer
  • Harvest Mozzarella Stand 12 times
  • Cook 12 Mushroom Samosas
  • Rewards: 6 Free Range Chicken, 10 XP and 10 Coins

Samosa Assortment

  • Cook 25 Samosas (of any kind)
  • Collect 8 Samosa Serving Tras from friends
  • Tend 12 Friend's Milk Trucks
  • Rewards: 4 Chaat Filling, 20 XP and 30 Coins

Samosa Mash

  • Serve 5 Green Peas Samosas
  • Collect 12 Potato Mashers
  • Earn 3 Mastery Stars for Chaat Samosas
  • Rewards: 1 Indian Sari Costume, 1 Indian Sherwani Costume and 40 XP

Samosa Saver (Ginger)

  • Place and build the Samosa Filling Crate
  • Ask Friends for 2 Wooden Crates
  • Harvest Samosa Filling Crate 2 Times
  • Rewards: 2 Mozzarella, 10 XP and 10 Coins

Shiny Happy Dough (Ginger)

  • Serve 3 Chicken Samosas
  • Craft 4 Dough
  • Tend Friend's Flour Crate 6 times
  • Rewards: 4 Milk, 20 XP and 20 Coins

Hands Across Samosas (Ginger)

  • Serve 16 Cheese Samosas
  • Tend Neighbors' Restaurant 5 times
  • Collect 10 Samosa Suggestions
  • Rewards: 1 Indian Restaurant Wall Sign decoration, 3 Green Peas Filling and 40 XP



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