ChefVille Quest Guide: Best Coast Dairy

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ChefVille didn't launch Christmas event as you asumed, and it released something about cross-promotion. You are asked to complete a series of "Best Coast Dairy" quests and earn Real California Dairy Ribbons along the way.

By Brandy Shaul From

While most ChefVille players might have assumed that the game would transition into its Christmas event just as soon as Thanksgiving came and went, instead, you've seen another limited edition event launch in your restaurants that has nothing to do with the holidays and everything about cross-promotion. Real California Dairy is back in the game, as players are asked to complete a series of "Best Coast Dairy" quests and earn Real California Dairy Ribbons along the way. Here with a look at this event!

ChefVille Best Coast Dairy

California Cool

  • Place and Build the Real California Dairy Stove
  • Cook 3 California Cheesy French Bread Dishes
  • Tend Neighbors' Milk Trucks 3 Times

The Real California Dairy Stove is a full sized appliance for your restaurant, requiring four California Milk Bottles and four California Butter Cozies to complete. The Butter Cozies are earned via individual requests sent to your neighbors, while the Milk Bottles are earned via a general news post on your feed. When you complete this appliance, you'll be able to cook the California Cheesy French Bread using three Wheat Bread, four Mozzarella and one Pepper each. The dish takes just two minutes, so if you have enough Mozzarella in your inventory to cook three in one sitting, you'll be abel to finish this first quest pretty rapidly (that is, after you've actually finished the stove). For finishing this first quest, you'll receive four Unsalted Butter. You'll also unlock two new recipes: the Real Char Cheese Burgers and California Cheese Strata.

ChefVille Best Coast Dairy

Milk Mates

  • Place the Real California Dairy Fridge
  • Serve 2 The Real Char Cheese Burgers
  • Cook 3 Times Using Milk!

The Real California Dairy Fridge is a relatively large ingredient stall that costs 200 coins to purchase in the store. It needs to be unwrapped three times, and then built using four friends as staff members. As for the Real Char Cheese Burgers, these can be cooked on the Real California Dairy Stove using two Wheat Bread, two Sirloin Beef and two Mozzarella Cheese per batch. You'll only need to cook the dish two times to earn the first Mastery Ribbon, so you'll receive a Ribbon by completing this quest either way.

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