ChefVille Quest Guide: Bow to the Master

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ChefVille has released an equally new Sushi Master Station, and there also three quests called Bow to the Master.

By Brandy Shaul From

While many ChefVille players are still hard at work on the game's many Real California Dairy quests, a brand new event has launched in your restaurants already, introducing an equally new Sushi Master Station to the game. There are three new quests in the "Bow to the Master" event, and here with a guide to finish them off, thanks to Zynga.

ChefVille Bow to the Master

Sushi Apprentice

  • Place and Finish the Sushi Master Station
  • Serve 1 Salmon Nigiri
  • Tend Water Pump 3 Times

The Sushi Master Station is a new full-sized appliance that can be placed for free via this quest. It requires three clicks to unwrap, and can be built by collecting six Hand Roll Happiness, six Nori Notices, five Rice Responses and seven Washing Wisdom. The Washing Wisdom and Nori Notices items can be earned by posting a general request on your news feed, while the other two items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors.

ChefVille Bow to the Master

When you complete this quest, you'll receive four Tuna, five Seaweed and 10 XP.

Fatty Paddy

  • Buy and Finish the Rice Paddy Planter
  • Earn 1 Mastery Star on Fatty Tuna Nigiri
  • Craft 1 Sushi Roll on the Rice Rinser

First things first, the Rinser can be purchased in the store, and it allows you to create Sushi Rolls and Sushi Rice using various ingredients in your restaurant. You'll be able to use it right away, as it doesn't require any extra building. The Sushi Roll itself can be crafted using two Sushi Rice, one Seaweed and one Salt. This takes just one minute to complete. As for the Rice Paddy Planter, this ingredient stall can be used to gather one Short Grain Rice per harvest. You can have three of these in your restaurant at once. When you finish this quest, you'll receive a Giant Tuna, five Seaweed and 10 XP.

Slice, Rice and Bowl

  • Buy and Finish the Wholesale Station
  • Craft Tuna on the Wholesale Station
  • Earn 1 Mastery Star on Chirashi

The Wholesale Station can be purchased for 2,000 coins in the store, and it can be built after spending three energy to unwrap it. It takes five Wholesale Hello's and six Fish Fancy's to build. The Fish Fancy's can be earned by posting a general news post on your wall, while the other items can be earned via individual requests sent to friends. Once built, the Wholesale Station can be used to craft King Salmon and Tuna. You'll receive a Giant Tuna, seven Seaweed and 50 XP for finishing this quest.

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