ChefVille Quest Guide: Building Thyme

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Now in ChefVille, Zynga has released a new building proect. After completing these quest, you will get it.

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While you may be busy cooking lots of spooky Halloween themed dishes in your restaurant in ChefVille, Zynga has released a new building project and quest that has nothing to do with Halloween, but can actually help you back in your Halloween quests. How does that work? Well, you can now build an Instant Thyme Stand in your restaurant, similarly to how you received a One-Hour Thyme Stand (also called a Spice Crate) a few weeks ago. You'll need your friends' help to pull this off, and you'll be on a time limit to actually complete these tasks.

ChefVille Building Thyme

Building Thyme

  • Place Instant Thyme Stand
  • Build Instant Thyme Stand
  • Collect 1 Thyme from the Instant Thyme Stand

The Instant Thyme Stand can be found in your inventory, so just click on the "Place" button in this quest menu to be able to access it instantly. It takes up just one square of land and requires three clicks (or three energy) to "unwrap." From there, this Instant Thyme Stand (or Crate, as the game sometimes calls it) requires building materials to finish.

ChefVille Building Thyme

You'll need to collect four Mortar and Pestles, which are earned by posting a general news item on your wall asking all of your friends to help. In addition, you'll need to send out individual requests to your neighbors to earn four Garlic Presses. Both of these can also be purchased outright with Chef Cash, and in the case of the Mortar and Pestles, you can also try to claim some from the ChefVille specific News Feed link that only shows you posts from that particular game.

Once you complete the Thyme Stand, you'll be able to claim a free Instant Thyme, which will allow you to instantly complete a dish's cooking timer as the name suggests. If you're struggling to cook some lengthy dishes for mastery stars or Spooky Halloween Ribbons (like Bread Pudding, perhaps), you can use one of these Thyme to save literally hours of waiting. This goal and stand will only be available to complete for the next 11 days, so make sure to place your Thyme Stand as soon as you can to finish it in time. Also keep in mind that by completing this event you'll have a chance to win an exclusive Moroccan door for your restaurant. Good luck!

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