ChefVille Quest Guide: County Fair

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The 25th annual County Fair has released in ChefVille now, you can celebrate it by completing these series of quests with this quick guide

By Brandy Shaul From

More quests have been released, bringing new cooking appliances and recipes to the game! To be specific, the 25th annual County Fair is in your virtual town, and you'll be able to celebrate by completing a set of quests over the next two weeks.

ChefVille County Fair

The Hot Dog Cart

  • Place the Hot Dog Cart in your Restaurant
  • Cook 1 Classic Hot Dog
  • Place Mustard Dispenser

Both the Hot Dog Cart and Mustard Dispenser are new functional items for your restaurant, but only the Mustard Dispenser actually needs to be built. That is, the Hot Dog Cart comes completely assembled, so you can immediately start cooking dishes! The Classic Hot Dog recipe takes just one minute to repair and requires two Sirloin Beef, one Wheat Bread and three Tomatoes to prepare. You'll receive two XP, 10 coins and two Wheat Bread for completing this first quest.

Must Have Mustard

  • Check your County Fair Ribbon Progress
  • Finish the Mustard Dispenser
  • Serve 1 Corn Dog from the Hot Dog Cart

Once you place the Mustard Dispenser, you'll need to click on it three times to unwrap it. From there, it's an expected process of asking your friends for building materials, as you'll need three each of Pumps, Refill Bottles and Napkins. Two of the three are earned via general news posts on your wall, which definitely helps speed up the process. Corn Dogs, meanwhile, require Sirloin Beef, Dough and Mustard to cook, but if you're having trouble finishing the Mustard Dispenser, you can thankfully simply ask your friends for Mustard outright in the meantime. Finally, your Ribbon Progress can be checked by simply clicking on the Ribbon that is in the top left corner of your gameplay screen. There are 30 Ribbons to earn in total throughout this entire County Fair event, and you'll receive limited edition decorations, along with Spices for earning all of those Ribbons. First things first though, you'll need to complete these quests. You'll earn 3 XP, a Flour and will unlock the Chicago Dog in the Hot Dog Cart for finishing this one.

Diverse Dogs

  • Have 1 Ribbon for the Corn Dog
  • Cook 1 Chicago Dog
  • Place 3 County Fair Decorations

The Ribbons can be thought of as mastery stars, so there's no special trick to earning them. The first Ribbon for Corn Dogs comes after cooking it just two times, so at least this quest is fairly easy to complete in the long run. Meanwhile, the decorations are items like lights, topiaries, picnic tables and more, that are available for coins, Reputation Hearts or of course Chef Cash. You'll receive 20 coins, two Milk and three XP for completing this quest.

Classic or Chili?

  • Have 3 Ribbons for Classic Hot Dog
  • Get 5 Chili Clues from Friends
  • Collect 3 Mustard from the Mustard Dispenser

It doesn't matter if you already have three Mustard in your inventory, as you'll need to collect three more to actually count for this quest. Meanwhile, the Chili Clues are earned via individual requests sent out to your neighbors.

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