ChefVille Cheats: Do Things Faster Without Moving

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This guide share you that doing things in faster in ChefVille without moving.

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How To Do Things Faster Without Moving

This is a very simple trick and the only thing that you need to do is to place your chef on a corner or any part of your restaurant and put something around him to block his movement. It could be an appliance, a food counter, decorations or walls. Once he is cornered or stuck somewhere in the restaurant, just click on the chores that you need to do and it will still be done by the chef but the difference now is that he will no longer have to move all over your restaurant when you want something done. This trick really helps when serving customers your dishes. You won't have to wait for the chef to serve one customer, go get food, serve, get food, serve, etc. This trick will lessen the time to complete your chores by over 50%. Cool huh? Try it now!

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