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A lot of gamers are clamoring about how hard it is to level, how hard it is to do work on the game because of too little energy, the energy limit is a joke, it's hard to get neighbors, etc. But I believe it is not at all hard to level up when you play the game wisely. Let me share to you the techniques.

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Your progress on this game will depend a lot on how you will want to play the game. To me, there are two ways to play any FB game. One is to play it with your friends and the other is to play it with total strangers. Let me explain. Playing with your friends – this basically means that you will use your own facebook account to play the game and invite your friends as your neighbors, trade recipes with them, send them gifts, you get the idea. The next one is probably the best way to play the game if you wish to level up fast; playing with strangers. What this means is that you are going to create a new facebook account and keep on posting "Add me" messages on different Chefville pages. The difference between these two accounts are the type of friends you have. On the first one, you have lots of friends and some of them are playing the game but most of them are not. It will be hard to select friends playing the game from those who are not when you are sending gifts, inviting them, etc. On the other account, you can be sure that all your friends are playing chefville so you can invite all, give gifts and ask gifts from everyone, etc. So before you play the game, decide on what how you want to play it.


How you level up, acquire needed ingredients, roses, etc. will depend on how many neighbors you have. Having lots of neighbors is the secret to dominating this game. Actually, it's the secret to most FB games. lol. So anyway, just like I stated above, before you play the game, you first need to decide how you want to play it. Once you have decided, it's pretty easy to get lots of neighbors. Simply visit Chefville pages on Facebook like OUR PAGE which has over 10k fans, post a message on our add me section, you won't miss it when you visit our page. After posting your message, add those who have already posted because there's a big chance that they will accept your invitation within 24 hours. Do this daily and within a week you will have hundreds of neighbors.

ChefVille Neighbor


One thing that I can say to those having energy problem. You don't have enough neighbors! That's right, just follow the guide that I posted above to increase your number of neighbors. How can neighbors help in the energy problem? Simple. Each new neighbor that you visit will give you 3 energy. It's not hard to get 50 new neighbors daily. That's 150 energy a day! On my first three days of playing the game, I got more than 500 energy from new neighbors alone! Also, each day, you can visit them once and old neighbors will give you 1 energy so if you have like 200 neighbors, that 200 energy to use every day!


If you are out of ingredients, you need some items like roses, etc. You want some idea on what type of restaurant designs you can make, your neighbors are your answer. All you need on the game are provided by your neighbors. Have a lot of them and you will get bored with how easy the game is. Cheers!

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