ChefVille Quests Guide: Make It Possible

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While you may still be working on the first set of Restaurant Impossible quests in ChefVille, Food Network star Robert Irvine is already back for round two, bringing you a set of four "Make It Possible" quests that introduce a new Hostess Stand to the game. Here with a guide on completing these four new quests, so let's get started!

ChefVille Make It Possible Quest

By Brandy Shaul From

Taste By Design

  • Place and Build Hostess Stand
  • Place 2 Windows
  • Buy 2 Walls

The Hostess Stand takes up a single square and must be "unwrapped" three times. You'll then need to collect four Wood Planks and four Waiting Lists to finish it off, with the Wood Planks being earned through individual requests sent to friends. As you might have guessed then, the Waiting Lists come via a general news item posted on your wall. When you complete this quest, you'll receive an XP, 30 coins and three Salvage Sages. The Salvage Sages will allow you to save a dish that you might have let wither because it wasn't served.

Promotion Motion

  • Visit 3 Neighbors
  • Ask friends for 4 Word of Mouth
  • Pay 3,000 coins

The Word of Mouth items comes from a general news item posted on your wall. When you complete this quest, you'll earn an XP, six Garlic and a Stainless Steel Wall piece.

Steak, Steak, Steak!

  • Cook 3 Steak Florentine
  • Give 5 Chef's Service with Steak Florentine

While this quest may sound a bit complicated, it's thankfully not, as Steak Florentine takes just five minutes to cook in the Brick Oven. You'll just need to make sure you handle the Chef's Service task before these Steak Florentine servings are quickly spent.

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