ChefVille Quest Guide: Rapid Rosemary

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ChefVille has released a new kind of spice called Rapid Rosemary. Here with a look at the game's four Rapid Rosemary quests, thanks to Zynga, so let's get started.

ChefVille Rapid Rosemary Quest

Make Room for Dishes 

  • Place Rapid Rosemary Crates
  • Complete Rapid Rosemary Crates
  • Tend Rapid Rosemary Crates 1 Time

Crusts are in Right Now

  • Get 8 Herb Baskets
  • Serve 4 Calzones from the Brick Oven
  • Use 1 Rapid Rosemary!

ChefVille Rapid Rosemary Quest

Salad Days

  • Cook 8 Times with Salt
  • Craft Ranch Dressing 5 Times
  • Cook 7 Caprese Salads

Flavor Facade

  • Cook 3 Meatball Sandwiches
  • Complete 5 Neighbor Visits
  • Gift 15 Chef's Services



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