ChefVille Guide: Restaurant Impossible

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The host of Restaurant Impossible Robert Irvine has appeared in ChefVille. He will help you to make your restaurant more smoothly!

By Brandy Shaul From

If you're a fan of Food Network's Restaurant Impossible, you'll immediately recognize ChefVille's new special guest, as it's the host of Restaurant Impossible himself: Robert Irvine! Robert is here to make sure your restaurants are running as smoothly as possible, before they turn into one he has to save on his show (luckily, this comes without all of the yelling). Robert's help is earned via a six part quest line called "Anything is Possible," and here with a guide to help you finish them off!

ChefVille Restaurant Impossible

Thyme for Spice

  • Place and Build a Spice Crate
  • Give 6 Tomatoes to Robert Irvine
  • Use a One Hour Thyme

The Spice Crate takes three clicks to unwrap, and from there, you'll need to ask your friends for building materials: Four Oregano Orations and four Cinnamon Samples. The Oregano Orations come from a general news post, while the Cinnamon is earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Once the Spice Crate is complete, you'll be able to collect from it only three times, and will receive two One Hour Thymes each time you collect. Completing this first quest gives you one XP, 10 coins and two Tomatoes.

Move Over

  • Visit 3 Neighbors
  • Move 5 Items
  • Spend 400 coins

Rewards: 1 XP, 50 coins, 1 Wheat Bread

Observation Deck

  • Get 4 Cool Cucumbers
  • Serve 12 Philly Cheesesteaks
  • Give 10 Chef's Services

While the Philly Cheesesteaks only take two minutes to cook, most chefs have likely already completely mastered the dish, making this a waste of beef, onions and salt. Still, it's not a difficult quest to complete, all things considered. You'll just need to wait for your friends to send you the Cool Cucumbers, which are earned via individual requests sent to their games.

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