ChefVille Quest Guide: Sauce for Celebration

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As the Chinese New Year event already has three new quest series to complete. You'll need to work on your Chinese New Year Wok, the Chinese New Year Dragon, and now, a Chinese Sauce Station, all thanks to Madeline. Here with a guide to these Chinese Sauce Station quests, called Sauce for Celebration.

ChefVille for Celebration Quest

The Sauce Station

  • Place and Finish the Chinese Sauce Station
  • Have a Black Bean Crate
  • Craft 3 Black Bean Sauce

The Wisdom of Wok

  • Have 8 Wok Advice
  • Earn 1 Mastery Star on Chinese Hot Pot
  • Serve 1 Garden Salad

ChefVille for Celebration Quest

Duck Sauce

  • Serve 2 Peking Duck
  • Craft 5 Tomato Sauce
  • Cook 3 Chinese Hot Pot

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