ChefVille Quest Guide: Spirit of Autumn

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ChefVille has launched the Autumn Cooker for Thanksgiving event, and you can see it via a matching "Spirit of Autumn" quest line..

By Brandy Shaul From

Now that many ChefVille players have probably finished the first portion of the game's Thanksgiving event - that being the Thanksgiving Feats quests - Zynga has released a "Part 2" of sorts involving a new cooking appliance called the Autumn Cooker. This Autumn Cooker has been released via a matching "Spirit of Autumn" quest line, but those quests don't technically fall within the Thanksgiving event as of this writing. That is, while you may be cooking traditional Autumn or Thanksgiving-themed dishes, these quests aren't timed, so you can complete them at your leisure. Here with a look at completing these three quests.

ChefVille Spirit of Autumn

The Crisp Autumn Air

ChefVille Spirit of Autumn

  • Place and Finish the Autumn Cooker
  • Give Chef's Service with 5 Autumn Spice Soup
  • Cook 1 Seasonal Beef Skewers

This Autumn Cooker is a large cooking appliance that requires three clicks to unwrap and building materials to finish. You'll need to collect six Autumn Announcements and six Fall Flavors to finish its construction, with the Fall Flavors coming via a general news post and the Autumn Announcements being available through individual requests sent to your neighbors. When it's completed, you'll find that both of these required dishes are instantly available to you, with each taking only minutes to cook.

The Autumn Spice Soup requires two Pumpkins, three Flour and one Milk, while the Seasonal Beef Skewers take three Sirloin Beef, three Pumpkins and three Mushrooms. This dish takes three minutes to cook, while the Soup takes just one. What's more, these dishes provide Mastery Stars, rather than themed Thanksgiving Ribbons, so you'll want to prepare to keep this Oven for the foreseeable future. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 50 coins, 20 XP and two Pumpkins.

Fall on Display

ChefVille Spirit of Autumn

  • Harvest 1 Pumpkin from a Pumpkin Haybale
  • Buy 3 Decorations
  • Serve 2 Seasonal Beef Skewers

Yes, you read that correctly. Pumpkin Haybales are back in the store, and they still need to be staffed with five of your friends before you can actually collect Pumpkins from them. Unfortunately, since these Pumpkin Hay Bales count as supply items, purchasing one or more won't count for the Decorations task, and you'll need to buy items that are specifically labeled as decorations instead. Luckily, there are tons of incredibly cheap items in the store, like Sconces that cost just 10 coins each (as one example).

Meanwhile, if you've run out of Sirloin Beef to cook the Seasonal Beef Skewers, you'll be able to collect more by sending out individual requests for your friends to send you some.

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