ChefVille Quest Guide: The Container Garden

As Jamie Oliver has brought a set of five new goals to your restaurant. These goals deal with healthy eating and vegetables, and you'll earn the Container Garden to build somewhere on your land in the process of completing them. Here with a guide on finishing this Container Garden quest line, so let's get started.

By Brandy Shaul From


Carrot, Meet Boot
  • Place and Build the Container Garden
  • Serve 8 Veggie Kebabs from the Grill
  • Harvest from the Garlic Stall 3 Times
  • Rewards: 15 XP, unlock the first upgrade for your Container Garden

First things first, the Container Garden can be placed by clicking on the "Place" button within this quest and then placing its somewhere on your land. You'll need to spend three energy to unwrap it, and must then collect eight building materials to finish it off: four Shear Madness and four Old Boots. The Old Boots are earned by posting a general news item on your wall for all of your neighbors to see, while the Shear Madness items can be earned by sending individual requests directly to your neighbors.


While you're waiting for those items to arrive, you can cook the Veggie Kebabs on the grill using two Tomatoes and two Wild Mushrooms each. Each serving only takes 30 seconds to cook, and you can cook two at once via your two separate grills, so this task definitely isn't as time consuming as it might outwardly seem. Finally, the Garlic Stall can be either your own or those of your friends, so feel free to save some of your own energy by tending your friends' stalls to complete this quest, rather than your own.

Pick a Pepper

  • Upgrade the Container Garden
  • Harvest Broccoli 8 Times
  • Harvest Tomato Plants 10 Times

The hardest part of this quest will be gathering more materials to upgrade the Container Garden, as it requires four Hoe Hums and four Watering Hoses to finish. The Hoe Hums are earned by posting a general request on your wall while the Watering Hosts come from individual requests sent to friends. When you complete this upgrade, you'll have added a "Pepper in a Pail" to the boot. Meanwhile, the Tomato Plants can be tended every two minutes, while Broccoli Stalls can be tended every eight minutes. Since you can have two of each, this won't take you ask long as it might initially seem (that is, if you actually own two Broccoli stalls). This quest series will continue to expand in the future, so stay tuned.



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