ChefVille Quest Guide: The Sandwich Situation

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Zynga has launched the Sandwich Station in ChefVille now, and you can use it to eran more Mastery Stars.

.By Brandy Shaul From

If you're looking for a way to earn more Mastery Stars in ChefVille without being forced to cook some of the more difficult dishes you likely have remaining, you can now earn Mastery Stars via the brand new Sandwich Station that Bello has delivered to your restaurant for free. This comes via a three-part quest series called "Sandwich Situation," which sees you building the Sandwich Station and cooking dishes that are available within it. Here with a guide to finishing these quests.

ChefVille The Sandwich Situation

The Tower of Bello

ChefVille The Sandwich Situation

  • Place and Finish the Sandwich Station
  • Serve 5 Bello's Huge Hoagies
  • Cook 1 Roast Beef Sandwich

The Sandwich Station is a full-sized appliance that requires three energy to "unwrap." From there, you'll need to collect a variety of building materials to finish it off. You'll need to collect seven Spreadable Secrets via general news posts on your wall, while another seven Sandwich Suggestions must be earned by sending out individual requests to friends. While you're waiting for those ingredients to arrive, you can cook the Roast Beef Sandwich on the Broiler using two Garlic Toast, five Sirloin Beef and four Salts. This dish takes 16 hours to prepare, but thankfully, you just need to "cook" it for this quest, and not actually serve it.

Finally, the Bello's Huge Hoagies recipe is available after you've finished the Sandwich Station. It requires three Wheat Bread, two Sirloin Beef and three Wild Mushrooms to cook, and takes just one minute to finish. This quest series will continue to expand in the future, as we learn more about what makes these quests tick.

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