ChefVille Guide: Tomato Sauce Rack

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Now in ChefVille you can gain tomato without having to craft individual Tomato Sauces, you can simply build the Tomato Sauce Rack!

By Brandy Shaul From

After first releasing the Dough Freezer in ChefVille, the folks at Zynga have now once again answered players' concerns by releasing a Tomato Sauce Rack for our restaurants. Now, instead of having to craft individual Tomato Sauces whenever you need them (wasting valuable onions in the process), you can simply build the Tomato Sauce Rack to make progress that much faster! There are four new quests that have been released in this feature called "Bello's Windy Warm Up," and here with a guide on how to finish them off!

ChefVille Tomato Sauce Rack

Eat Up to Warm Up!

  • Place the Tomato Sauce Rack
  • Craft 1 Batch of Tomato Sauce
  • Cook 1 Meatball Sandwich

When you complete this first quest, you'll receive 10 coins, one XP and two Tomatoes.

Boiling Point

  • Build the Tomato Sauce Rack
  • Tend the Tomato Sauce Rack 2 Times
  • Serve 1 Classic Tomato Soup

As you work to complete the construction of the Tomato Sauce Rack, you'll need to collect some building materials via a combination of general news items posted on your wall and individual requests sent out to your neighbors. You'll need to collect Sauce Stirrers and Sauce Bowls via news feed posts, while Ripeness Testers and Tomato Strainers are earned via individual requests.



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