ChefVille Cheats: Trap Your Waiter for Faster Service

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If your waiter is trapped, food will literally warp from your service counters to your customers' tables in the blink of an eye! This increases your rate of productivity, as you eliminate the possibility that guests will leave without being served, simply because it was taking too long for your waiter to make his way to their table. Of course, we're here with a guide on helping your trap your waiter, so let's get started!

Step 1: Find the Waiter's Spawn Location

If you've yet to edit the layout of your restaurant, then your waiter will appear in the highlighted square below. Even if you have edited your restaurant's layout, it's easiest to find out where he spawns when you first load your game (because he doesn't have to serve customers yet) or when you don't have any food to serve at all (because he'll never move).

ChefVille Waiter

Step 2: Block the Waiter In

Once you've found the Waiter's spawn point on your map, you'll need to use at least four items to trap him in place. It's easiest to surround him with serving counters, as seen below. The highlighted red square is where we know the Waiter will spawn, so we're surrounding that particular square with counters.

ChefVille Waiter will spawn

Step 3: Exit the Edit Restaurant Menu and Enjoy your Speedy Service!

With the Waiter successfully trapped, it doesn't matter how many guests enter your restaurant or how many dishes you have available to serve, as he'll simply pick up a dish (even if it's not within his expected reaching distance) and serve it to hungry customers. Say goodbye to angry patrons that leave without giving you money!

ChefVille Waiter


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ChefVille Cheats: Trap Your Waiter for Faster Service




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