ChefVille Quest Guide: Tuna Boat

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ChefVille will release a series of quests called Tuna Boat, and you can know the details of them in advance.

From Light Chan

Have you meet pike from Seafaring Stranger? Because he will guide you with Chefville Tuna Boat soon!

ChefVille Tuna Boat

There will be 4 missions associated with Tuna Boat, and with this item you can get tuna easily!

quest 1: enter salmon

  • Serve 5 grilled salmon grilling
  • have 3 stars for salmon pesto
  • have 275 stars

quest 2: new round of wok

  • Improve your wok to expert
  • have 3 stars for the fried rice with pineapple
  • Prepare 6 plates bittersweet vegan wok

ChefVille Tuna Boat

quest 3: the city of tuna

  • Eat 5 tuna dishes in neighbor
  • 6 Prepare pasta with tuna casseroles in the oven
  • Improve your stove intermediate

quest 4: dragnet

  • maintain 8 times romantic ponds for your neighbors
  • have two canvases control for fish tacos
  • Ask 8 shacks marine

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