CityVille 2 Guide: Inventory, Achievements, and Lineup

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During your extensive play time in the City, you can earn Achievements. Achievements can be just good fun, but they can also represent all the hard work you have put into building a wonderful city.

To view your Achievements, click the "My Stuff" icon at the bottom of the game screen.

CityVille 2 Inventory, Achievements, and Lineup

This is how you access your Inventory, as well as view Achievement progress and the Suspect Lineup (which contains information on the main characters of the game as you progress through the main storyline). Achievements and Inventory are accessed via the two buttons that appear in the menu you opened.

CityVille 2 Inventory, Achievements, and Lineup

Click the middle button from the flyout, this allows you to view your Achievement Progress.

CityVille 2 Inventory, Achievements, and Lineup

You can scroll through the many pages of possible Achievements by clicking the "Next" button. When you are done, simply click the "X" button in the upper right-hand corner of the dialog box to close out the menu and return to the game.

If you open up My Stuff again, and click the brown box button at the bottom of the flyout, you can view your Inventory.

CityVille 2 Inventory, Achievements, and Lineup

From here, you can search for things with tags (just as in the Market), you can use Consumables under the "Consumables" section, or you may even want to sell certain items from here to get some extra coins!

Tip: Certain quest items are not able to be sold.

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