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You probably want to get started with adding some Buildings to your City in CityVille 2. In most cases, all you need to have to build something are the right materials.

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First, go to the Market and search for "Homes." You can type a search tag in the Search box of the Market, once you type "Homes" the different types of housing will appear. We want to locate and purchase the "Cottage."

CityVille 2 Building

Once you click to purchase the new home, you enter Placement Mode on the map. Find a nice spot adjacent to a road and place the home down by clicking it. After you place it, you'll see the home is just a square mound of dirt, at first. This is the state it will be in until you begin construction.

CityVille 2 Building

The icon above the square has a green checkmark if you already have the necessary materials to start building. If you do not, you can click it to see what materials you need. Click "Begin Construction".

CityVille 2 Building

Tip: Cottage only requires a couple Builders and Citizens, if you do not already have them you can click on cars and trucks in your City to gain them! Now, you will see the home enter the Build state. Click the home when in this state to start construction.

Once you Begin Construction, you will see another Dooberometer. Try to build up a streak by consistently clicking when the meter crosses the blue notch.

CityVille 2 Building

You will see the building grow as you finish. When it is complete, you now have a new Cottage on your map!

CityVille 2 Building



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