CityVille 2 Guide: Leveling Up Districts

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When you Level Up a District ,you can choose a District Perk. These Perks can enhance your gameplay and make your City even more robust. You can Level Up your Districts by collecting from stores in those Districts, and performing other actions in your Districts, as well.

Tip: Having Parks in your Districts will help them level up faster! You can view your Districts progress by hovering over the District sign.

CityVille 2 Leveling Up Districts

If you click on the District sign, you will be able to see if it has attained any Perks yet and who the top clickers in your District are (from when friends visit your City and Tend your buildings).

CityVille 2 Leveling Up Districts

Tip: Invite your Visitors back by clicking the "Invite Visitors Back" button, so your District can grow even faster!

You may notice a starry animation over your District sign, at times. This is letting you know an action you performed has earned you XP towards your District's level. When the District is ready to level up, you will be able to select some Perks or Specialties for it to enhance the growth of that District.

CityVille 2 Leveling Up Districts

Click the District sign and you will be able to select a bonus. You can hover over each one to see what each different boost will do for the District.

CityVille 2 Leveling Up Districts

Click the "Accept" button when you are finished, and revel in all your hard-earned rewards!

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