CityVille 2 Guide: Supply and Demand

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Now that you know how to draw in the customers, your stores will quickly run out of stock. Well, that's Supply and Demand for you! Let's learn how to stock back up after a successful day of sales and collections.

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First, you will need to have a Warehouse on the map. Find a Warehouse in the Market and build one. For this example, we built a Small Warehouse, which sends out Blue Supply Trucks. The color of the Supply Trucks will correspond to what each business needs.

CityVille 2 Supply and Demand

Some will need Red Supply Trucks, or maybe Green ones. It is important to keep this in mind when your City starts to grow larger so that you can build Warehouses that will send out the appropriate Trucks for the businesses you have. So, if you have a business in need of Red Supply Trucks, you need to build a Warehouse that handles the Red Trucks.

Click on the Warehouse when it is ready to send out the trucks. This way, once a building needs supplies, some of the Supply Trucks will be on the road and ready!

CityVille 2 Supply and Demand

If you click a Supply Truck, but no businesses are in need of supplies just yet, the game lets you know, no worries!

CityVille 2 Supply and Demand

Finally, when businesses are in need of the supplies, click them to have a Supply Truck rush over to help out!

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