CityVille 2 Tips: Decoration List

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Below is the list for CityVille 2 Decoration items. The items are categorized into six: Parks, nature, accessories, landmarks, paths and bonus providers.

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CityVille 2 Park Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

The outline of a park, Place other park objects inside

CityVille 2 Small Park Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

Perfect for drum circles and pigeo watching

CityVille 2 Rocky Retreat Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

A nice park to seat and ponder life's nysteries in.

CityVille 2 Quaint park Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

Relax and watch the kinds play on swing set.

CityVille 2 Modern Fountain Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

Toss in some coins and make a wish.

CityVille 2 Log Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

Its big, its heavy, its wood.

CityVille 2 White Flowerbed Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

Never stay white for long.

CityVille 2 Pink Flowerbed Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

CityVille 2 Purple Flowerbed Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

Attracts the most butterflies.

CityVille 2 Multicolor Flowerbed Decoration

CityVille 2 Decoration

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