CityVille Guide: CityVille Walkthrough

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CityVille lets you build your very own thriving metropolis! This walkthrough includes tips, tricks, hints, cheats, and a strategy guide to get your best score on CityVille.

CityVille Guide: CityVille Walkthrough

By Kellie Cardwell-Winters on gamezebo

Getting Started

  • You will first be prompted to give your City a Name and as you play the game will be allowed to name all of the businesses as well.
  • You will be introduced to the game's Tutorial Character "Samantha" who is also listed in your Neighbor list at the bottom of the screen. Tap on her icon then on "Visit" and you can see what a level 20 game screen has available. You will be rewarded for visiting this computer neighbor once every 24 hours (100 Coins, 3 Energy, and 1 XP) and can do 5 tasks to earn extra income, energy, XP, and goods just like any other Neighbor.
  • You will start the game with 7,000 Gold Coins and 5 CityVille Bucks as seed money. You will also have a maximum of 12 Energy and this will regenerate by 1 every 3 minutes and each time you level up in the game the maximum amount of energy you can earn is increased by 1 and you will earn 1 Free CityVille Buck and unlock various items in the shop and free gifts you can send to Neighbors.

CityVille Currency

  • Gold Coins - This is the basic currency of the game which is used for most transactions. You start out with 7,000 Gold Coins and whenever you see gold coins come out of a building or crop be sure to click on it to add it to your total.
  • CityVille Bucks - This is the premium currency of the game and allows you to purchase higher end items, reduce wait times, hire community workers for your community buildings and purchase items that can only be gifted otherwise such as zoning permits.
  • You are given 5 CityVille bucks when you start the game and will be awarded at least 1 each time you level up in the game. This amount could increase as you reach the higher levels of the game.

Population/Happiness Indicator

  • At the bottom left you will see the name of your City and a Smiley Face icon which may be happy or unhappy.
  • Place your cursor over this area and statistics will appear as shown in the image above.
  • Here you will see your current population and the maximum allowable population based on the number of houses and community buildings you have in place.
  • If the people are unhappy try adding more businesses and houses to your City until this meter shows your town is happy.

How to Start a Franchise and encourage and place Franchises from Neighbors in your City

  • A Franchise is when one business allows another person to sell its goods or services for a portion of the profits.
  • In CityVille you can franchise some of your businesses such as the Bakery, Toy store and more.
  • Once you start a business and you visit a Neighbor that has a plot of land available for Franchises click on this plot of land and then choose the business you wish to place there. Make sure it is bumped against the road and you see the tiny tour bus icon above it before you click to lock it in.

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