CityVille Preview: Build Your Dream City From the Ground Up

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CityVille is a new simulation game which allows anyone anywhere to build their dream city from the ground up. Start your city by growing crops and supplying goods to your newest stores and eateries …Check this preview to kneo more about CityVille.

CityVille Preview

By Chris Morrison on insidesocialgames

CityVille, as the name suggests, is a city building game. You start out with a city named "Ville", which is mostly an empty green patch surrounded by forest on one side and water on the other. The game map is simply huge, and all of it will eventually be open to building on. During play, that will likely take a while; where most virtual space games let players buy an expansion that pushes their territory out in all directions from the center, CityVille's expansions will come in small blocks in a direction of your choosing.


The art is worth extra attention up front. While it's obviously high-quality, given the budget Zynga has for new projects, the really interesting detail is the 3D game engine. This should make it easier for Zynga to release a successful mobile version, possibly with the help of its recent acquisition, Dextrose AG.

In the gameplay itself, Zynga has followed its FrontierVille model of cherry-picking the best mechanics of its own and others' games. CityVille may have even more unique aspects than Zynga's previous hit, though.


CityVille's focus in the beginning is simply on constructing your town, from a startlingly wide array of building categories: houses, businesses, roads, decorations, farm plots, shipping, community buildings and wonders all make an appearance. Three of those seem most important: homes, business and shipping.

Businesses are where you make your money, but they also include the game's other important resource, "goods". While most city games have players restock their businesses using virtual currency, CityVille introduces goods as a second resource to balance against cash.

Goods can be produced by specialized buildings, but they can also be delivered by shipping structures, which include trains and ships. This is where the game starts to get really interesting. As the game progresses, you can start sending trains and ships to your friends to either sell or acquire goods. The train mechanic is likely inspired in part by Lucky Train, a smaller title that has been fairly successful.

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