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Not sure what something on the CityVille 2 Display means or does? This guide can help! The arrows and numbers on the image below correspond to a brief description below. Note that you can also hover over these same items in game on the display to learn what they are for!

CityVille 2

  • Coins: Collect from Businesses. Spend coins in the Market.
  • Approval: Fill up the meter by stopping progress bars in the blue area and catching presents in the air.
  • Day Night Toggle: Click to make it day or night.
  • Experience: Tells you how many more Experience Points (XP) you need to reach the next Level. Get more XP by completing Quests and clicking on city buildings and vehicles.
  • Golden Keys: Used to buy premium game items, finish quests more quickly, and make it easier to Build, Craft, and Collect from Businesses.
  • Reputation: Visit friends to get more Reputation. Spend Reputation on items in the Market.
  • Population: View what population you need for the next Milestone. Add more Housing to increase Population.
  • Energy: You expend Energy to do game actions. Purchase more Energy from the Consumables tab in the Market. You can also send friends energy using the Free Gifts tab.
  • Quests: Click to view the steps needed to complete a quest.
  • Change View: Click to toggle between various camera views.
  • Neighbor Message: Click to leave a message your Neighbors will see when they Visit your City.
  • Neighbors: Click to Visit your Neighbors, and add new ones!
  • Achievements: Click to look at your achievement progress.
  • Leaderboard: Click to see how your city ranks against your friends.
  • Design Mode: Click to Move, Rotate, and Demolish objects in your city. You can also take Photographs and Rename Buildings.
  • My Stuff: Click to view your inventory, or view the suspects.
  • User Settings: Click to adjust music, and sounds.
  • Market: Click to buy Buildings, Decorations, Roads, and Consumables.



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