Cloudforest Expedition Preview

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Cloudforest Expedition

Game introducion

Leap into a lush world of adventure with Cloudforest Expedition, where exotic lands and ancient artifacts await your discovery! As a budding archaeologist, you embark on an adventurous quest into the heart of the Cloudforest to solve the decades-old mystery of your grandfather's disappearance. Excavate new layers of gameplay as you dig deeper into the secrets of the jungle, and uncover amazing artifacts to show your friends.

Cloudforest Expedition

Key Features

  • Tame exotic animals - they'll be great helpers as you navigate your way through the vast landscape!
  • Archaeology - Excavate ancient ruins and preserve some of the most unique artifacts the world has ever known!
  • Story - Possibly the most surprising detail is that the game will put a strong emphasis on music, which few Facebook games do. The developers claim that the soundtrack is "unlike any you've heard in social games before" and that the music is as compelling as the game's story.

What the developers had to say about the heroic duo that players can choose from: "Great adventures have iconic heroes or heroines who tackle the odds with whip-smart acumen as they rise victoriously above their challenges. A clever mind and natural instincts come with those charming good looks and in Cloudforest Expedition you can choose from two dashing characters."

Cloudforest Expedition

There's also a first look at some of the flora and fauna that you'll come across while exploring the forest. The first animal revealed is a nocturnal lemur, who will "help you build, clear, and explore your way across the exotic landscape."

Meanwhile, as you would expect from a game set in a forest, there's quite a bit of trees in the game, which apparently become increasingly wilder as you delve deeper into the forest.

Note: The game has not released.

More about the game on Facebook fan page >>



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