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You'll likely be around Level 17-18 by the time you are first required to cook any recipes by Central Kitchen in CoasterVille, as one of the themed Fairytale quests, Magical Manipulation, asks you to "Make 2 Love Potions" for a character named Tristan.

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By Brandy Shaul From

The Central Kitchen is pretty similar to the Prop Shop, and it can be purchased from the store for 500 coins. It takes three clicks (and three energy) to build, and from there, you can immediately start cooking items, including those Love Potions in our example. as with the Prop Shop, you'll see a list of available recipes along the bottom of the Central Kitchen's menu, and can simply click on one to see its formula. In the case of the aforementioned Love Potions, you'd need to collect two Mysterious Elixirs, two Home and one Hospitality to create a single Potion.

CoasterVille Central Kitchen

These ingredients can be found elsewhere in the park, as the Elixirs come from Potion Shops, the Hospitality comes from Hotels and the Honey comes from the Village Market. In some cases, however, you may need to cook other items within the Kitchen that are then used as ingredients in other recipes. For instance, to create a Cheesecake in the Central Kitchen, you'd first need to create a Baking Supplies item, also within the Kitchen.

CoasterVille Central Kitchen

Recipes each require different ingredients and take varying amounts of time to finish. In the example of the Love Potion, for instance, that recipe takes six hours to prepare, while items like Apples, Fruits or Meat only take two minutes each. Again, this Central Kitchen is incredibly similar to the Prop Shop, so once you get used to one type of crafting in CoasterVille, you can easily get used to the other.

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