CoasterVille Quest Guide: CityVille Cross Promo Goals

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There is a Cross Promotion between CityVille, and the new game recently released by Zynga, called the CoasterVille. Here with a guide to completing the four goals of quests in this event.

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CoasterVille - CityVille


  • Ask friends for 20 Cotton Candy
  • lace CoasterVille Ride
  • Reach Level 5 in CoasterVille
  • Rewards: 1 Bonus Crew, 5 energy


  • Ask friends for 20 Prize Tickets
  • Collect from 25 Family Residences
  • Reach Level 7 in CoasterVille
  • Rewards: 4 Bonus Crews, 7 energy


  • Ask friends for 20 Souvenir Hats
  • Collect from 25 Restaurant Businesses
  • Reach Level 10 in CoasterVille
  • Rewards: 7 Bonus Crews, 10 energy


  • Collect from Level 2 Toy Store 15 times
  • Collect from Neighbors’ Residences 25 times
  • Reach Level 15 in CoasterVille
  • Rewards: 15 Bonus Crews, 20 energy

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