CoasterVille Guide: Elementary School Tours

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In addition to the Adventurers International Tour Buses, your Tour Office can now also be used to plan Elementary School Field Trips. These School Field Trips require 500 coins, five Permission Slips, and 250 Thrill Points to plan, and you can only plan one at a time. The Permission Slips are earned by posting a general request to your news feed for help, so make sure to post those requests as often as you can to keep a constant supply on hand.

CoasterVille Book a Park Tour

Each time you schedule a School Field Trip, you'll need to wait quite a while for the bus to arrive, but you'll receive free energy, Thrill Points and more each time it finally shows up. You'll also receive "Dog Barker Toys" as collectibles. If you can complete the entire Dog Barker collection, you'll receive the exclusive "Go Fetch Ball Pit," which is sure to make your park's young guests squeal with delight.

CoasterVille Book a Park Tour

Of course, actually earning this item is easier said than done, as the collection requires 13 toys to complete, and you'll receive a random one each time you schedule a tour. If you're impatient, or seem to just be having a run of bad luck, you can also purchase the remaining toys that you need with Park Cash. Either way, we wish you the best of luck in collecting all of these items and making a huge profit in your theme park!

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