CoasterVille Expansion Strategy and Tips

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Here below categorizes the expansions in CoasterVille into three main areas: theme chapter, attraction limit, and land area. And will discuss the best strategy for these game progression in detail.

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Theme Chapter Expansions

Themed quests are your top priority to complete. Theme businesses generate some of the top coin gains for your theme park. In addition, you will get free popularity decorations as you complete them most of the time. The themed chapters typically center around specific themes and their businesses / attractions. As you are building them out, plan an area where you can place the buildings close to one another to gain theme bonuses.

CoasterVille Expansion

Attraction Limit Expansions

The numbers of attractions that you can house in your theme park is limited by Gate upgrade level. This means that one of your top priority in the game is to invite friends, ask them to be your gate staff, and upgrade the building. CoasterVille offers plenty of attractions and you are bound to hit your limit fairly fast in the game. So upgrade your theme park gate early to take advantage of all the awesome attraction features CoasterVille offers.

CoasterVille Land Area Expansion

Because of the attraction number limit imposed by the upgrade level of theme park gate, having the biggiest land area is not critical until the end of the game. In fact, you will find yourself consistently storing and replacing your attractions to satisfy various quest requirements. However, some of the land expansions lets you open "treasure" boxes where you will get tons of goodies. You should focus on unlocking and expanding into those areas first. Other than that, do not sweat over land expansions until you receive quests for them.

CoasterVille Expansion

A little note on "Annual Pass". You will receive and build an annual pass early on in the game. You will have to wait for your customer to request annual pass and give it to them. You can receive CoasterVille recommendation by doing so. So as you are playing, keep an eye out for those visitors. In addition, you should "harvest" and collect those annual passes every 8 hours as soon as they are available.

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