CoasterVille Guide: Mascot Academy

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A theme park is only as great as its actual themes, so to help bring some life and animation to the themed areas of your park in CoasterVille, you can now recruit mascots to go with each particular section! You'll need to first build a Mascot Academy in your park to train these new Mascots, and here with a guide to help you do just that!

CoasterVille Mascot

Welcome to the Academy

  • Have a Mascot Academy
  • Place Dog Barker in your Park
  • Have Dog Barker Perform 1 Time

The Mascot Academy costs just five coins in the store, and the base requires three clicks to build. To actually finish the Academy, you'll need to collect 500 coins, six Deodorant Sticks, 100 Goods, and 500 Thrill Points. The Deodorant Sticks are earned by posting a general news item to your wall.

When the Mascot Academy is finished, you'll be able to place Dog Barker in your park. You'll receive 100 Popularity points for placing him, and then clicking on his gives you the option to start a performance. A performance is triggered using a sandwich and two Hospitality, and Dog Barker can perform once every 18 hours. You'll receive 500 coins and a Sandwich for completing this first quest.

CoasterVille mascot Academy Quest

It's Showtime!

  • Have 6 Sugar
  • Spend 500 Thrill Points
  • Earn 2 Fame

Fame is earned by having Mascots perform, while Sugar can be earned by searching the Lemonade Stand. You'll need to actually head into this quest window and click a button to "spend" the Sugar on this quest, so keep that in mind if you don't seem to be making progress. The same thing goes for the Thrill Points, as they're not instantly taken from your inventory.

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